Digital Strategy

Technology Solutions & Insights

Looking for guidance to apply and use technology in your organization? Wanting to leverage the Internet to increase productivity and reach more customers? Searching for a digital solution to a nagging problem or inefficiency? Maybe you just need to bounce ideas off an expert.

Drewa Designs is here to help. First of all, we begin by listening to you, hearing your needs, and understanding your vision. Only then can we evaluate options, recommend goals and priorities, and present effective solutions tailored specifically to your company.

Consulting & Digital Strategy

Internet Support

Technology Support

Are you experiencing problems with your website, web-based application, or email services? Our company provides expert consulting and support to resolve the critical short-term issues. In addition, we evaluate alternative platforms and solutions that could avoid similar problems in the future. Finally, we provide technical training and application support to your staff.

We provide support—often at no charge—with our web hosting and email hosting services.

Process Optimization

Cut down on wasted time and money by automating or optimizing processes you are now performing inefficiently. To that end, we evaluate and analyze your current operations, including known bottlenecks and problem points. Learn more about our custom web development solutions and see the applications we’ve built for our clients.